Our Factory

Our home since 2006, the factory premises in Braintree is at the heart of everything we do. Throughout our existence, our aim has always been to combine the skill of the craftsman with the very latest in raw material development and machinery technology. Every day, we go to work in our factory to provide our customers with the most innovative products in the industry.



At Shadbolt, we take great pride in the traditional master craftsman’s care and attention to detail which we believe have been the essential ingredients of our success.

We apply the same approach to every door, frame, panel or washroom cubicle we make, ensuring that the end result is of immaculate aesthetic value and to the highest performance standards.


At Shadbolt, we always look for continual improvement and considerable investment has been made into the following technological improvements in the factory:

  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) of manufacturing process.
  • Fully integrated computerised bar code system allowing every item to be tracked through the factory in real time.
  • Investment in new cutting, sanding and finishing equipment.
  • Automatic handling equipment for a safer working environment.


Because of the specialised and craft-based nature of our industry, all training is carried out in-house, mainly on the shop floor. Our long tradition of quality is dependant on the work of the master craftsmen who pass on their wealth of experience to new staff. We have in this way, successfully maintained a high level of skill over the years. Reporting to our Quality Assurance Manager, the company training officer is responsible for systematised training as an integral part of our quality control systems with training specifications, records for all personnel and monitoring of performance.


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At Shadbolt, we appreciate that before placing orders for the finest quality timber products, our clients want to be sure that their jobs are being manufactured in premises that meet all of the highest quality, ethical and environmental standards.

We are very proud of our factory and love showing clients round our premises in Braintree. If you are interested in finding out how we produce the finest timber products, please get in touch.



Shadbolt recognises the importance of proper regard being given to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for those working at, and those visiting, our Braintree site.

We administer our health and safety policies following the guidelines set out in the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and in accordance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

Shadbolt believe that it is fundamental to have a well-informed work force who can share in the commitment of the company by complying with our policies and be clear in the knowledge that all members of staff have legal and moral obligations both to themselves and to one another.

Shadbolt undertake to continually review and develop our safety management systems, with the specific aim of conducting our activities in a manner which does not adversely affect the Health and Safety of any staff member, contractor or visitor, nor, of course, the environment.

Shadbolt directors are wholly committed to the implementation and maintenance of the highest standard of health, safety and welfare throughout the company and, through training and awareness initiatives, expect every member of staff to share and cooperate in achieving this objective.