Veneer management service

Many prestigious buildings use wood veneers in a variety of ways – for doors, partitions, panelling, linings, fixed and loose furniture. Usually these applications are allocated to different sub-contractors, who will source their veneer independently. But veneers, even of the same species, will often differ considerably in appearance, depending on their source, detracting from the overall effect.


Veneer Management is a new method of controlling the process to overcome this problem. Shadbolt takes responsibility for procuring all the veneers for a project, planning the veneer matching in all applications, and allocating veneers to sub-contractors to ensure that they are used as planned. Thus the designer can achieve full aesthetic control, even in the largest projects.

Veneer procurement is rationalised and simplified, with a unified responsibility for finished appearance and aesthetic quality. Working in partnership reduces mistakes and avoids conflict between trades.



We recommend consultation at an early stage in a project to obtain maximum benefit from our services and to allow adequate time for selection and procurement of veneers.

Our Veneer Management scheme is under the personal control of directors of our family-run company. Please contact Simon Shadbolt or Paul Shadbolt to discuss your requirements.



■ Veneer procurement is rationalised and simplified.

■ We can obtain premium grade veneers at competitive prices.

■ We can ensure that adequate supplies of veneer are reserved well in advance.

■ There is a unified responsibility for finished appearance and aesthetic quality.

■ Working in partnership reduces mistakes and avoids conflict between trades.


We believe Shadbolt are unique in being able to offer such a complete service, thanks to:

■ Our long history of veneer sourcing and buying.
■ Our technical skills in manufacturing high quality veneered products.
■ Our expertise in planning themed veneer schemes.
■ Our experience of working with other manufacturers and contractors.
■ Our CAD facilities for preparing veneer layouts.

We are experts in the field of veneer, independent of the joinery trade.



Our vast experience enables us to advise designers on suitable veneers for a project on the basis of appearance, availability, quality and cost, making use of our extensive veneer stocks. Finished samples can be provided as required.

Shadbolt will be responsible for sourcing veneers, ensuring that sufficient quantities are available at competitive prices, and controlling the quality of the supply.

We can also control veneer matching for the whole project. Every veneered component can be given a unique bar-coded identity, keyed to location and elevation drawings, and maintained throughout production and delivery to site.

Production of veneered components is allocated in the normal way, eg by competitive tendering or nomination. Batches of veneer are assigned to the selected sub-contractors by Shadbolt.


Veneer management is a relatively new concept, but it has been proven in use on a number of projects:

Barclays Capital, E14
(Commercial Base Build & Fit Out)
Schroders, Gresham Street, EC2 
(Commercial Base Build & Fit Out)
Deutsche Bank, London Wall, EC2
(Commercial Base Build & Fit Out)
Lehman Bros, Bank Street, E14
(Commercial Base Build & Fit Out)
BOAML European HQ, Newgate St
(Commercial Base Build & Fit Out)
Glaxo SmithKline HQ, Brentford
(Commercial Base Build & Fit Out)
Olswang, 90 High Holborn, WC1
(Commercial Fit Out)
Ministry of Justice, 50 Queen Anne’s Gate, SW1
(Base Build & Fit Out)
Royal Festival Hall, SE1
(Public Arena Refurb & Fit Out)
150 Cheapside, EC2
(Commercial Base Build)
Legal and General, 1 Coleman St, EC2
(Commercial Fit Out)

One Southampton Row, WC1
(Commercial Base Build)
Blackrock, Throgmorton Avenue, EC2
(Commercial Fit Out)
PWC, More London, SE1
(Commercial Fit Out)
PWC, Embankment Place, WC2
(Commercial Refurb & Fit Out)
De Vere Gardens, Kensington, W8
St Edmond’s Terrace, St John’s Wood, NW8
JP Morgan, 25 Bank Street, E14
(Commercial Refurb & Fit Out)
Park House, Oxford Street, W1
(Residential & Commercial Base Build)
Standard Chartered Bank, Basinghall Ave, EC2
(Commercial Fit Out)
Moorgate Exchange, 72 Fore Street, EC2
(Commercial Refurb)
Rolls Royce Learning Centre, Derby
(Manufacturing Fit Out)

Edinburgh Conference Centre, Edinburgh
(Base Build & Fit Out)
European Medicines Agency, E14
(Commercial Fit Out)
High Commission of Canada, SW1
(Embassy Refurb & Fit Out)
The Guildhall School of Music, Silk Street, EC2
(Base Build & Fit Out)
30 Berkeley Square, W1
(Commercial Refurb & Fit Out)
Boodle Hatfield, 89 New Bond Street, W1
(Commercial Fit Out)
J.P.Morgan, 60 Victoria Embankment, EC4.
(Commercial Fit Out)
Cheyne Terrace, Alpha Place, Chelsea Manor Street, SW3
160 West George Street, Glasgow
(Commercial Base Build)
Kingsgate House, Victoria Street, SW1
(Commercial Base Build)